Find Your Best

@Companies: boost your business by letting us find the best talent for you. We carefully listen and uncover your needs. We think with you and qualify your brief, go to market and connect you with the most competitive talent. We are small, flexible and ready to adjust. We provide advice and consult on future organisation and at times, challenge you.

@Candidates: find your best fitting company and land in your dream job. We are here to provide career advice and coach you through the process. We know how hard change is and think of finding a new job as a sizeable investment.

We recognise the power of personal connections; we are here to serve You!

Daniel Tallos


In sales and leadership roles at companies like Air France KLM, American Express and Nike, now on the talent search side, I selected and hired many team members. In the first 20 years of my career, I acquired and retained customers, launched new businesses, managed P&Ls, redefined business unit success plans, redesigned organisations and led global projects. Find Your Best was launched in 2022 with home base in Amsterdam, relying on an extensive network in Europe, Middle East and Africa and having access to top candidates in middle and top management roles. I love to get to know new people, understand what direction their companies are taking and how by hiring the right people can enable them to reach their goals. I find it intriguing to find out about people’s motivations, when choosing for a job. During my professional life, people have been naturally coming to me for career and life coaching/advice. I have been helping many people to find new jobs, get set for a selection process or change career path.