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“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”
– Richard Branson

The future of your company is very much shaped by your people. For the best future, you need the best people. We find your best!

Our primary focus is sales, finance and supply chain, middle- and senior management roles in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We recognise the power of personal connections; we are here to serve both talent and corporations with finding the best match.


Show flexibility
“A passionate, productive approach: I had lots of fun working with Daniel! He mentored me very effectively and provided me with ample career coaching, which helped me to get promoted to my next role!”
Ruben Godvree
Travel Manager, Asia Pacific, Nike
“Daniel supported me on staffing for projects. Our demand was quite unpredictable, I realise now how difficult it must have been to constantly adjust. Daniel’s ability to listen, his attention to the details and flexibility made our cooperation a true success!”
Csaba Szatmari
Freelance Program Director
“The selection and hiring process were structured and super-transparent. I felt a real pleasure to be selected and hired by Daniel, as a manager. He was a true coach and a great mentor to me throughout our work together. “
Petra Varvolgyi
Head of Meetings & Events, AmEx GBT